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Let's Get Digital enhances the connections established between your attendees, amplifies exhibitors' return on investment, and helps event organizers to save time.

All while giving you and your stakeholders a great experience.

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Specifically developed for your B2B events

  • Automated playbooks
  • Developed with event managers
  • Focused on time reduction

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Create happy exhibitors by providing more return of investment.

  • Easy lead generation
  • More exposure for sponsors
  • Fast & Professional check-in
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Networking events & Summits

Bring the right people together at the right place.

  • New connections for (relevant) attendees
  • Unique experience that are remembered
  • Pre & post event engagement
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Congresses & Conferences

Build a knowledge network around a specific topic.

  • Create communities that last
  • Gather Insights from your visitors' feedback
  • Save time in administrative tasks
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Recruitment & Career events

Help your attendees to find the right job instantly.

  • Companies meet relevant candidates
  • More exposure for sponsors
  • Fast & Professional check-in
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Open (Business) Days

Show your attendees that your organization stands out.

  • Offer unique tours through the locations
  • Expand your audience and reach more students & clients
  • Gather valuable insights & data
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Travel & Celebration events

When you want to delivery something extra to your attendees.

  • Save time!
  • Information & direct communication
  • Create communities that last
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We help out the most of the B2B events. Talk to on our sales consultants to discover in 15 minutes how we can help you out.

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Software focused on automation and time reduction

Our strong points

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    We bring the right people, together on the right place at the right time. Meeting new people get's easy.

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    Exhibitor ROI

    Your event sponsors should not only be happy but also have the best ROI. We boost ROI and with that maximise your sponsor income.

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    Save time

    Optimise your event planning with our efficient software. Automate registration and communication for more time and less hassle.

Do you organise virtual, hybrid of in-person events? It's possible with Let's Get Digital

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