HyBRID EVENT Solutions

Elevate Your Events to new heights with the best of both worlds.

Maximise the ROI of Your HyBrid events

Our All-In-One solution creates a well-organized, engaging, and branded event that combines the best of virtual & in-person events, ensuring a strong return on investment.

  • Event Registration
  • Mobile Event app
  • Virtual Event Platform
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Streamlined event success in one tool

Experience the X-Factor of Hybrid Events with ease. Simplify event management, maximize ROI, and impress attendees, all while giving sponsors the visibility they deserve. Virtual and In-person.

  • Your key to creating relevant connections, fostering engagement, and unlocking networking benefits that are simply unmatched.
  • Put sponsors in the spotlight with enhanced visibility opportunities. They'll love the exposure and engagement, while you'll love the added revenue.
  • X-Factor in Every Detail: From a hybrid connection centre to a social wall, infuse your events with unique experiences that set you apart. Attendees will be captivated, and sponsors delighted.
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How does Let´s Get Digital optimize event ROI?

By streamlining attendee management, personalizing attendee experiences, and improving sponsor visibility. You can make data-driven decisions, improve engagement, and attract more sponsors, ultimately increasing the ROI.

What benefits does this solution offer for sponsor visibility?

Our solution enhances sponsor visibility through customizable sponsor booths on the platform, increased networking opportunities, and sponsored features, like advertisements and networking tables.

What does the All-In-One Solution includes?

Our All-In-One Solution seamlessly integrates Registration, Virtual Event Platform, and badge printing. It offers a complete suite of tools to boost ROI, engage attendees, and enhance sponsor visibility—all within a single, powerful platform.

How user-friendly is Let's Get Digital for event managers?

Our solution is designed for ease of use. Event managers can effortlessly navigate the platform, from customizing registration forms to managing attendee data and accessing analytics.

Feature Overview

Some of our most-powerful features for your Hybrid event

Event Shake Up

Prepare for an electrifying experience. It's the feature that will rock your virtual world, adding an extra layer of excitement to all your attendees.

Networking Carousel

Increase networking of your attendees in a fun and simple way. The attendees just have to swipe left or right to get in touch with the right people based on interest.

Connection Centre

Your hub for networking excellence. Seamlessly let attendees engage with relevant participants, speakers, and exhibitors who are looking for relevent people.

Lobby area

Welcome attendees with a captivating live feed that sets the tone for your virtual event in a virtual entrance hall.

Sponsor Booths

Showcase your sponsors with their own virtual showroom. Provide them with a dedicated space to engage attendees and maximise their ROI.

Looking for more?

We've developed over 50+ additional features tailored to meet your specific goals. Explore the possibilities, and contact us to find out more.



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"At Eventronics, we love Let's Get Digital because it gives our attendees the feeling as if they're physically present at the events we organize."

Specifically developed for your b2b events

  • Automated playbooks
  • Developed with event managers
  • Focused on time reduction

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Create happy exhibitors by providing more return of investment.

  • Easy lead generation
  • More exposure for companies
  • Fast & Professional check-in
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Networking events & Summits

Bring the right people together at the right place.

  • New connections for (relevant) attendees
  • Unique experience that are remembered
  • Pre & post event engagement
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Congresses & Conferences

Build a knowledge network around a specific topic.

  • Create communities that last
  • Gather Insights from your visitors' feedback
  • Save time in administrative tasks
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Recruitment & Career events

Help your attendees to find the right job instantly.

  • Companies meet relevant candidates
  • More exposure for companies
  • Fast & Professional check-in
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Open (Business) Days

Show your attendees that your organization stands out.

  • Offer unique tours through the locations
  • Expand your audience and reach more students & clients
  • Gather valuable insights & data
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Travel & Celebration events

When you want to delivery something extra to your attendees.

  • Save time!
  • Information & direct communication
  • Create communities that last
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Other event?

We help out the most of the B2B events. Talk to on our sales consultants to discover in 15 minutes how we can help you out.

And if we can't, we will provide you with the right supplier. Promised!