Badge Printing & Check-in

The first impression counts. Impress attendees with professionally branded badges and no waiting lines with our live badge printing.

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What does it do?

Increasing the ROI of your event with s smooth badge printing & check-in.

Connecting people

We help you to connect during and after the event.

Increase your sponsors visibility

We help you to give your sponsors & exhibitors more visibility and options to connect with the right people.

Smooth & Fast Check-In

Innovative software & one of the fastest printers means no queues during the event.

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It is fast, easy and time saving.

What can the software do?


Plug & Play Setup

Our Plug & Play Setup takes the stress out of preparation. Simply follow the intuitive instructions, and you'll have the badge printing and check-in system up and running in no time, leaving you with more time to focus on the event's success.

Customized Badges

You can fully customize your badge to align with your event's branding guidelines. From colors and logos to fonts and design elements, everything can be tailored to showcase your unique event identity.

Onboarding E-Mails

Send personalized welcome messages, event details, and instructions with QR-Codes to attendees, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed before the event.

Exhibitor Portal

With a user-friendly interface, exhibitors can access an overview of their participation, including real-time lead tracking and personalized lead questions.

Session Check-In

Track the movement of your attendees through a quick scan. You gain valuable insights into session popularity and attendance patterns, enabling you to optimize future events.

Real Time Data Insights

Monitor attendee behaviour, session engagement, and overall event performance in real-time.


Our innovative 'Shake 2 Connect' feature leverages QR codes to facilitate meaningful connections among attendees. Attendees can simply shake their devices to discover and connect with others.


We've integrated sustainable practices into every aspect of our process, from sourcing eco-friendly materials (100% FSC) to minimizing waste for no-shows.

User Tags

Assign tags to attendees based on their interests, preferences, or roles. This feature enables targeted communication and differentiates the badge design.

High-Quality Badges

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the use of high-quality paper for badge printing. Attendees will appreciate the premium feel of their badges, leaving them with a positive impression of your event.

User Management

Event managers can easily access and modify user data, ensuring a smooth and error-free registration process.

Badge-Printing Stations

With rapid printing capabilities, you can minimize attendee wait times, allowing them to dive right into the event experience. Our printers & software keep the event flow smooth and hassle-free.

Missing feature?

After 5 years of experience we're convinced we've everything you need.
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What does the badge printing & check-in add to my event?

]The Let’s Get Digital software offers a wide range of solutions. Aside from checking-in attendees, the tool can give more event insights regarding programmes, exhibitors, or location.

BadgePrintingAs an organizer, you can increase brand awareness with customization options. Register attendees via the app, keep track of them and keep them engaged with news, notifications and gamification. Also, exhibitors will have their booth on the app and generate more leads through the app.

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What benefits does it have for me as an event manager?

Our goal is to enhance the experience of your attendees, because happy visitors equals a happy event organizer right?

BadgePrintingThe Let’s Get Digital app does not only have many features to improve the event experience for your attendees, but also for you as an event organizer. Collect feedback with the feedback tool, or use the data collected by the app to get advanced insights into your event statistics.

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Specifically developed for your b2b events

  • Automated playbooks
  • Developed with event managers
  • Focused on time reduction

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Create happy exhibitors by providing more return of investment.

  • Easy lead generation
  • More exposure for companies
  • Fast & Professional check-in
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Networking events & Summits

Bring the right people together at the right place.

  • New connections for (relevant) attendees
  • Unique experience that are remembered
  • Pre & post event engagement
Learn more

Congresses & Conferences

Build a knowledge network around a specific topic.

  • Create communities that last
  • Gather Insights from your visitors' feedback
  • Save time in administrative tasks
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Recruitment & Career events

Help your attendees to find the right job instantly.

  • Companies meet relevant candidates
  • More exposure for companies
  • Fast & Professional check-in
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Open (Business) Days

Show your attendees that your organization stands out.

  • Offer unique tours through the locations
  • Expand your audience and reach more students & clients
  • Gather valuable insights & data
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Travel & Celebration events

When you want to delivery something extra to your attendees.

  • Save time!
  • Information & direct communication
  • Create communities that last
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Other event?

We help out the most of the B2B events. Talk to on our sales consultants to discover in 15 minutes how we can help you out.

And if we can't, we will provide you with the right supplier. Promised!